Why choose Optimal


Here at Optimal Search, we value ourselves as being 100% honest throughout the process. We fully evaluate your needs and aspirations, cut through the jargon, false promises and industry stereotypes.
A regular update of the interview process and progression is made within every 48 hours.
We will not waste your time with irrelevant positions!
If the roles we introduce are not right for you, Optimal Search will also (if required) conduct proactive canvass sessions on your behalf to get you that foot in the door where you maybe didn’t think you could.
Once placed in a role, we ensure to keep an up to date record of how you are tracking in your current position and will monitor your progression every quarter.

If you are actively looking for a new role and fancy a change by speaking to a recruitment consultant with a personable, honest and dynamic approach. Send us your CV today. candidates@optimalsearch.co.uk


At Optimal Search, we pride ourselves on working with the top 10% of sales people in your industry. We only work with the best and ensure maximum return on investment. We offer a guarantee to support this!
How do we achieve this? By proactively networking, regular candidate tracking/management and portraying an obsessive passion for our market verticals.
We provide post acquisition/placement management and performance tracking, we track and monitor performance against target each quarter.
We will not waste your time CV flicking irrelevant candidates. We have a very comprehensive pro forma that sieves out the unwanted. We believe that wasting your time is fundamentally wasting ours.
Quality, stable relationships with both candidates and clients means everything to us, this is what makes us relentless in getting it right first time, every time.

If you have a vacancy or would like some assistance in your next growth phase, please get in contact with one of our consultants today. 01322 303470 Alternatively send us the job spec to look over and one of the here consultants will contact you. clients@optimalsearch.co.uk